Seed Quality Control Services

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SGS seed testing labs are accredited by the Canadian Food Inspection Agency (CFIA) and monitored by Seeds Canada. Our accredited seed analysts are experts in cereal, pulse, canola, grass, legume, vegetable, flower, industrial hemp and native species germination, purity and disease testing.

We are an INTERNATIONAL SEED TESTING ASSOCIATION (ISTA) lab, authorized to issue Orange and Blue International Certificates, plus provide ISTA Sampler Training! LEARN MORE HERE. 

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Germination and Physical Purity We understand the global reach of seed testing and conduct analysis based on validated standards outlined by the Canadian Food Inspection Agency, the Association of Official Seed Analysts (AOSA) and the International Seed Testing Association (ISTA).

Seed Pathology Our seed borne disease services range from targeted single species identification to comprehensive Fungal Scan quantification, with focus on pathogens that impact seedling emergence and development.

Seed Health and Viability We assess storability, stress and morphological characteristics for seed longevity and health.

Wheat Midge Refuge TestingFor Crop Certificate issuance, our SGS partner lab quantifies for Additional Certification Requirements. 

1) Germination & Physical Purity

Standard Germination, Treated Germination, Custom Seed Treatment Application, Replicated Germination for Research.

Physical Purity, Pure Seed, Seed Grading, Seed Demotion, Seed Identification

Federal Noxious Weed Exam, APHIS PPQ925 and CFIA 5289

AOSA Purity %, AOSA Germination

ISTA Purity %, ISTA Other Seed Determination, ISTA Germination

REGAL phytosanitary analysis for grain exports to all countries

SICA program for seed import

2) Seed Pathology

Cereals: Fusarium graminearum (plated/DNA), Fusarium species ID (5 species), Fungal Scan (all seed borne diseases), True Loose Smut, Cochliobolus sativus, Bacterial Leaf Streak (PCR & qPCR for seed)

Pulses: Ascochyta, Botrytis, Anthracnose, Sclerotinia, Aphanomyes (PCR for soil and tissue)

Canola: Blackleg (growth assay/DNA for seed and stem), Alternaria, Clubroot (PCR & qPCR for soil and tissue)

Corn: Fusarium graminearum

3) Seed Health & Viabilty

Cereals: Cool Stress Test (vigor), Tetrazolium, Kernel Weight, Moisture, Radicle Emergence

Pulses: Cool Stress Test (vigor), Electrical Conductivity, Kernel Weight, Moisture

Canola: Cool Stress Test (vigor), Controlled Detrioration, Radicle Emergence, Chlorophyll Content, Electrical Conductivity, Green Seed, Kernel Weight, Seed Size Uniformity, Cracked Seed Assessment, Moisture

Soybean: Cold Test, Accelerated Aging, Seeds/lb, Moisture

Corn: Cold Test, Saturated Cold Test, Seed Count, Moisture

Hemp: Cool Stress Test (vigor), Tetrazolium, Kernel Weight, Moisture

Grasses & Legumes: Tetrazolium

Herbicide Bioassays: Glyphosate, Glufosinate, Clearfield Confirm, Dicamba


4) Wheat Midge Refuge Testing

Wheat Midge Refuge testing for Select, Foundation, Regisered and Certified seed.

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