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Grain Quality & REGAL Export Services

grain quality testing services

SGS processes samples with validated test methodologies, as outlined by the Canadian Grain Commission (CGC) & approved by the American Association of Cereal Chemistry (A.A.C.C) standards, and combines experienced staff to deliver professional services. We provide customized and innovative solutions for research trials, product development, commodity monitoring and end use verification.

We are approved by CFIA to analyze grain for issuance of Phytosanitary Certificates, known as RECOGNITION OF EXPORT GRAIN ANALYSIS BY AUTHORIZED LABORATORIES (REGAL) program. Call us now to hear how we can quickly process analysis, for grain destined to all countries.

Grain Services Our REGAL grain assessment meets the demands of grain exporters, who are focused on swift Phytosanitary Certificate issuance.

End Use Testing Ensure your grains are compliant to end use and food ingredient manufacturing standards. Our Grains Analytical Testing (GAT) lab offers full service wheat, flour and dough rheology analysis.

DNA Varietal Confirmation Confirmation of variety provides knowledge of product conformity (wheat, barley) for sale into domestic and export markets.

Advanced Molecular Diagnostics We deploy multiple technologies to quantify and detect GMO Events.

1) Grain Services

REGAL analysis for Phytosanitary Certificates.


2) End Use Testing

Grain: Vomitoxin, Falling Number, Malt Germination

Product Development for Wheat & Durum: Milling (Buhler MLU-202, Quadromat Jr.), Gluten Index, Wet Gluten, Starch Damage, Amylograph, Farinograph, Alveograph, Extensograph, Bate Tests, Solvent Retention Capacity, Sedimentation (Zeleny), Ash


3) DNA Varietal Confirmation

Barley: 92 Kernels (NEW! SNP Markers – SGS Saskatoon)

Wheat: 24 Kernels (NEW! SNP OA – SGS Saskatoon)

Durum: 16 Kernel (Microsatellite markers – SGS Sherwood Park)

4) Advanced Molecular Diagnostics

GMO Event Testing – PCR & qPCR (SGS Saskatoon)

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