ISTA Seed Services

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SGS has successfully met the International Seed Testing Association‘s lab accreditation requirements to provide sampling and testing for a wide range of seeds. The ISTA accreditation was gained to support global export requirements for the seed trade. Our Sherwood Park, Alberta lab is the hub for issuing ISTA Orange International Certificates (OIC) and Blue International Certificates (BIC) based on the requirements of the importing country.

Germination and Viability We are experts in germination and tetrazolium testing, which brings confidence to our clients. We will employ the ISTA methods and procedures to meet your needs.

Purity & Determination of Other Seeds Our purity services give clients the tools to ensure product conformity to importing country standards. Additional specification are accepted for special certificate statements.

Seed Weight We measure seed weight for packaging.

Moisture Content Our advanced moisture methods ensures suitability for shipment and product longevity.

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Our Prices, Sample Submission Forms and Sample Bags are available by contacting us anytime. SGS Terms and Conditions apply.