In this edition of SGS Crop Science Canada News:

  • Animal Nutrition Testing, Made Easy
  • Success for Green Roof Installations
  • Readiness for 2022 Seed Sales and Export


In spite of COVID challenges in 2021, SGS animal nutrition testing services have grown considerably. Our customers have recognized that SGS offers Canada’s most comprehensive nutrition testing. Further increasing our testing services and precision in 2021 was our investment towards upgrading NIR testing instrumentation.

Nutrition testing of your Raw Materials or Finished Products has never been easier with SGS. Simply log onto our recently revised web site at There you can download the submission form related to your type of sample, review the various analytes that are part of the many testing packages, and get regular SGS Canada updates.


Green Roof installation have gained traction in many communities, not only the large city centers. SGS assists the build process through a Green Roof media testing package based on recognized rooftop media standards. Our extensive package includes:

  • Particle sizes and distribution graph
  • Bulk density, water content and maximum water capacity
  • Pore space and air porosity
  • Permeability and organic matter. 

As an added service feature, the analytical results are compared to the international guideline criteria for placement of Green Roof installations.


With a full shift to cleaning and packaging seed product, consider our CFIA accredited labs for:

  • Seeding Package Selection: Why choose seeding packages? Each package includes seed size quantification (TKW, seeds/lb) for precision planting, especially critical with the drought outcome of small seeds. Wanting to dig deeper, reach out to investigate our Seed Size Uniformity and Kernel Imaging offer!
  • Seed Safety Testing: Bringing a new product to market is a momentous project. Prior to commercialization, we assist with seed safety testing, and later provide routine checks on quality assurance once in the market.
  • International Shipments: With seed conditioning underway, seed inventory is building in anticipation of 2022 shipping. SGS Canada has the accreditations and staff for ISTA certificates (OIC/BCI), EU Grade Reports and APHIS documentation!