In this edition of SGS BioVision News, we will discuss:

  • SGS BioVision authorized for grain phytosanitary analysis
  • Soil Nutrient testing launched in Western Canada
  • Unmatched APHIS & SICA Documentation for International Shipments
  • Ask an Analyst: Questions from our clients


SGS BioVision Authorized for Phytosanitary Analysis of Grain Exports

SGS BioVision is pleased to announce that our Sherwood Park, Alberta lab has been authorized by the Canadian Food Inspection Agency (CFIA) to conduct analysis for issuance of Phytosanitary Certificates for grain destined to China, India and Mexico, known as the REGAL program. CFIA and SGS samplers (approved under the Canadian Grain Sampling Program) will continue to draw the official grain samples and will now submit them to SGS BioVision. Our analysis is based on the importing country’s regulations on seed, soil, and insect presence, as well as quantification. We look forward to building our business on prompt processing for the exporting industry.


SGS BioVision launches Soil Nutrient Testing in Western Canada

To build upon SGS BioVision’s soil pathology testing (Clubroot, Aphanomyces), we are now offering soil nutrient testing for our western Canadian clients. This spring we are launching 3 single depth packages (SELECT, PRO, ELITE) and 2 multi depth packages (PRO, ELITE), built for agronomists and farmers, which includes options for adding pathology and customizing reporting criteria. Contact us by phone at 1.800.952.5407 for package fees, submission forms and delivery instructions.


Unmatched turn-around of APHIS & SICA Documentation for International Seed Shipments

Daily seed shipments of forage, grass, pulse and cereal products across our borders is under way for 2018 planting. Our same day turn-around (upon request) of APHIS and SICA documentation eases logistic pressures. Choose us as your preferred laboratory for efficient processing!


Ask An Analyst:  Questions from our Clients

What is the sample submission process for Clubroot and Aphanomyces testing?

Sample volume                2 cups of soil. Minimize pieces of crop residue.

Sampling location             Field entrance for Clubroot; Low areas for Aphanomyces.

Submission                         Courier or drop off at one of our locations.

Forms                                  Include the Chain of Custody form with your sample


What is the standard turn around for soil pathology testing?

Pathogen                            Standard              RUSH

Clubroot, PCR                    5-10 days             3-5 days

Clubroot, qPCR                  5-10 days             3-5 days

Aphanomyces, PCR         5-10 days             3-5 days

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